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Сертификация СМК

GMP + FSA - Feed Safety Standard Certification


The main

The GMP + FSA standard is intended for certification of agricultural production, production of animal feed, storage of feed mixtures and additives, transportation of agricultural and food products (road and sea transportation, etc.), trading platforms with goods from manufacturers and traders of pet food.

Why GMP +?


The quality assurance system is applied throughout the entire chain, starting from primary production, through the store with goods, their storage, transportation before and after laboratory analysis. The GMP + FSA certification contains part of the HACCP requirements and part of the ISO 9001 / ISO 22000. The GMP + FSA standard ensures the safety of feed for animals that further enter the food chain. GMP + FSA stands for Good Manufacturing Practice and Feed Safety Assurance.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

A certified company can use the URS logo in its promotional materials to present itself as a GMP + certificate holder

  • Facilitation of International Commodity Trade

  • Meet the requirements of foreign buyers

  • Unique identification and minimization of feed safety risks

  • Customer confidence in the quality and safety of your products

  • Reliable product safety assurances validated by an independent third party

  • Effective management of internal processes, creating a solid foundation for decision making

  • Increasing the confidence of state control authorities

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